Sunday, May 3, 2009

A new direction

Hello again,

At the behest of a friend who asked (well, pretty much DEMANDED) I do this, I have decided to begin re-doing The Atlantis Chronicles trilogy in a graphic novel format. Specifically as a webcomic, a route which I hope may generate some actual revenue while I am in the process of completion rather than waiting until the whole thing's done to hear whether I can land a publisher or not.

This isn't to say it's going to be easy. I have to A) acquire Photoshop, a $600 program, on less than $1000 per month income, B) learn said software pretty much from scratch, and C) begin a process that can take anywhere from seven to ten hours of work PER PAGE (and that's just the penciling and ink; I don't know if it even covers the coloring), by my lonesome. Daunting to be sure, but if I can pull it off, Lord willing, I may just strike gold on this one.

As I work on the new webcomic I'll also try to simultaneously finish and publish the third of my trilogy, Jihad: War of the Jao Kraxim, in novel form. That's a lot of drawing and writing, but again, if I can stay focused and disciplined, the payoff could be huge. I'll drop in here from time to time as the webcomic's launch approaches to update you on how things are coming. Until next time,

Aaron Marshall


  1. Judging by your pics, this looks like the Christian version of "GI Joe meets Transformers". I'm in! Never big on the TF, myself, but I love me some GI Joe. When I get my reading cleared up and my writing slows down, I'm planning on giving your book a shot. Looks VERY intriguing.

  2. Having been born in 1981, I grew up on GI Joe cartoons. Welcome to the Lost Genre Guild. I have a blog as well, feel free to stop by.